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Article|01 Apr 2024|OPEN
Identification and characterization of two P450 enzymes from Citrus sinensis involved in TMTT and DMNT biosyntheses and Asian citrus psyllid defense
Xueli Sun1,2 , Chunhua Hu1 and Ganjun Yi1 , , Xinxin Zhang,1 ,
1Key Laboratory of South Subtropical Fruit Biology and Genetic Resource Utilization, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs; Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Tree Research, Institute of Fruit Tree Research, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangzhou 510640, China
2College of Life Sciences, State Key Laboratory for Conservation and Utilization of Subtropical Agro-bioresources, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, China
*Corresponding author. E-mail:,

Horticulture Research 11,
Article number: uhae037 (2024)
Views: 568

Received: 30 Oct 2023
Accepted: 26 Jan 2024
Published online: 01 Apr 2024


The homoterpenes (3E)-4,8-dimethyl-1,3,7-nonatriene (DMNT) and (E,E)-4,8,12-trimethyl-1,3,7,11-tridecatetraene (TMTT) are the major herbivore-induced plant volatiles that help in defense directly by acting as repellants and indirectly by recruiting insects’ natural enemies...