Aims & Scope

Horticulture Research publishes original research Articles and Reviews on novel discoveries focusing on all major horticultural crops, including fruits, vegetables, ornamental trees and flowers, herbs, and tea trees, both in preharvest and postharvest stages.

The research primarily focuses on basic and fundamental aspects with broad international and disciplinary interests, including, but are not limited to, genetics, breeding, all types of "-omics" and evolution, origination and domestication horticultural crops, biotechnology, biochemistry, physiology, cellular and molecular biology, and environmental biology including interactions with other organisms.

Original research articles will be published in the following headings:

  • genetics, breeding and germplasm;
  • biotechnology and genetic engineering;
  • genomics, proteomics and evolution;
  • whole plant physiology and source/sink relation;
  • cellular and molecular developmental biology;
  • biochemistry, metabolome and product quality;
  • interactions with environments and other biological organism.

Research focuses on methodologies and techniques will be placed in the category of novel methodology and technology.

In addition, the journal publishes Editorials, News and Views, and Comments on current, significant events and topics in global horticultural fields with international interests.