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Article|08 Sep 2023|OPEN
MaMADS1–MaNAC083 transcriptional regulatory cascade regulates ethylene biosynthesis during banana fruit ripening
Wei Wei1 , Ying-ying Yang1 , Chao-jie Wu1 , Jian-fei Kuang1 , Jian-ye Chen1 , Wang-jin Lu1 and Wei Shan,1 ,
1Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Postharvest Science of Fruits and Vegetables/Engineering Research Center of Southern Horticultural Products Preservation, Ministry of Education, College of Horticulture, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou 510642, China
*Corresponding author. E-mail:

Horticulture Research 10,
Article number: uhad177 (2023)
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Received: 23 Apr 2023
Accepted: 25 Aug 2023
Published online: 08 Sep 2023


The hormone ethylene is crucial in the regulation of ripening in climacteric fruit, such as bananas. The transcriptional regulation of ethylene biosynthesis throughout banana fruit ripening has received much study, but the cascaded transcriptional machinery of upstream transcriptional regulators implicated in the ethylene biosynthesis pathway is still poorly understood. Here we report that ethylene biosynthesis genes, including MaACS1MaACO1MaACO4MaACO5, and MaACO8, were upregulated in ripening bananas. NAC (NAM, ATAF, CUC) transcription factor, MaNAC083, a ripening and ethylene-inhibited gene, was discovered as a potential binding protein to the MaACS1 promoter by yeast one-hybrid screening. Further in vitro and in vivo experiments indicated that MaNAC083 bound directly to promoters of the five ethylene biosynthesis genes, thereby transcriptionally repressing their expression, which was further verified by transient overexpression experiments, where ethylene production was inhibited through MaNAC083-modulated transcriptional repression of ethylene biosynthesis genes in banana fruits. Strikingly, MaMADS1, a ripening-induced MADS (MCM1, AGAMOUS, DEFICIENS, SRF4) transcription factor, was found to directly repress the expression of MaNAC083, inhibiting trans-repression of MaNAC083 to ethylene biosynthesis genes, thereby attenuating MaNAC083-repressed ethylene production in bananas. These findings collectively illustrated the mechanistic basis of a MaMADS1–MaNAC083–MaACS1/MaACOs regulatory cascade controlling ethylene biosynthesis during banana fruit ripening. These findings increase our knowledge of the transcriptional regulatory mechanisms of ethylene biosynthesis at the transcriptional level and are expected to help develop molecular approaches to control ripening and improve fruit storability.