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Article|19 Apr 2023|OPEN
GA signaling protein LsRGL1 interacts with the abscisic acid signaling-related gene LsWRKY70 to affect the bolting of leaf lettuce
Li Chen1 , Chaojie Liu1 , Jinghong Hao1 , Shuangxi Fan1 , and Yingyan Han,1 ,
1Department of Plant Science and Technology, Beijing Key Laboratory of New Technology in Agricultural Application, National Demonstration Center for Experimental Plant Production Education, Beijing University of Agriculture, Beijing 102206, China
*Corresponding author. E-mail:,

Horticulture Research 10,
Article number: uhad054 (2023)
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Received: 27 Nov 2022
Accepted: 18 Mar 2023
Published online: 19 Apr 2023


A variety of endogenous hormone signals, developmental cues, and environmental stressors can trigger and promote leaf lettuce bolting. One such factor is gibberellin (GA), which has been linked to bolting. However, the signaling pathways and the mechanisms that regulate the process have not been discussed in full detail. To clarify the potential role of GAs in leaf lettuce, significant enrichment of GA pathway genes was found by RNA-seq, among which the LsRGL1 gene was considered significant. Upon overexpression of LsRGL1, a noticeable inhibition of leaf lettuce bolting was observed, whereas its knockdown by RNA interference led to an increase in bolting. In situ hybridization analysis indicated a significant accumulation of LsRGL1 in the stem tip cells of overexpressing plants. Leaf lettuce plants stably expressing LsRGL1 were examined concerning differentially expressed genes through RNA-seq analysis, and the data indicated enhanced enrichment of these genes in the ‘plant hormone signal transduction’ and ‘phenylpropanoid biosynthesis’ pathways. Additionally, significant changes in LsWRKY70 gene expression were identified in COG (Clusters of Orthologous Groups) functional classification. The results of yeast one-hybrid, β-glucuronidase (GUS), and biolayer interferometry (BLI) experiments showed that LsRGL1 proteins directly bind to the LsWRKY70 promoter. Silencing LsWRKY70 by virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) can delay bolting, regulate the expression of endogenous hormones, abscisic acid (ABA)-linked genes, and flowering genes, and improve the nutritional quality of leaf lettuce. These results strongly associate the positive regulation of bolting with LsWRKY70 by identifying its vital functions in the GA-mediated signaling pathway. The data obtained in this research are invaluable for further experiments concerning the development and growth of leaf lettuce.